Oh, Right

I was aware that my students this year would be younger — mostly second-year undergraduates — and was thinking about my courses with that in view. What I hadn’t remembered was what that implied about the pitch of campus life. For some reason, Seabury didn’t have “Freshers Week” with numerous bar-sponsored vans parked along Sheridan Road, pumping out high-volume dance music to win the patronage of seminarians. No live bands rocking the refectory, no drunk students vomiting in front of the main gates. (If I’m wrong about that last one, don’t tell me.)
In other words: Oh, yeah, this is a large urban public university.
The Head of Department just offered me the chance to sub for a few of the Early Church History lectures in October: 5th October – Life, Worship, and Ministry in the Early Church; 6th October – Doctrinal Controversies; 8th October – Formation of the Christian Canon/Christian Literature; 12th October – Constantine; 13th October – Augustine. It’ll make for a crazy couple of weeks, but I’m pleased to help out. You know I love early church history. And there’s a small emolument, which will allow me to perk up my ramen diet.
On an unrelated note, I was pleased to see our family friend Stan Leavy get some appreciative attention in the New Haven Register. Would have been great if the article set the Soup Kitchen more clearly in the context of Christ Church, but the congregation wasn’t the point of the article — Stan was, and deservedly so.

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  1. I bet it’s a bit of a change for ya. BTW, how’s this for weird: I came across a reference to Seabury in the novel I was reading last night. Jim Harrison’s True North

  2. Orientation might have been more fun with a few bands, though :).

    I do have photographic proof of tipsiness during the Orientation week Greek luncheon. That after-lunch ouzo was rather potent.

  3. Well, when there were giants in the earth- and when the archabbey was the archabbey, there was one memorable halloween party and at least two Rev 7:14b parties… though, unless my efforts were not sucessful, there is no remaining photographic evidence…

    And it was a great article about one of the true saints… and it was a little annoying that the CKS was described as being behind Christ Church….

    Hope Scotland’s treating you well!

  4. I’m remembering a class about early church baptismal practices, and our daughter’s bemused summary thereof: “Naked oily wrestlers were not allowed to touch the virgins.”

    But perhaps such interpretation would have limited application in your current setting.

  5. There were also a few “Canon 40/41” parties in the West Garth; which may have benefited from some loud music.

    I also remember a conversation I had with an upper classman from the east coast who just COULD NOT COMPREHEND exactly how big states were. “You drive … HOW FAR …. to get to the next big city???”

  6. hey, AKMA – have been out of the loop over the summer and only just caught up with the news that you are on our side of the Pond now! Welcome to the UK, and welcome to “Freshers” activities… (yuk)
    I hope we’ll finally get to meet before long!

  7. Well…..not at the front gates….but there was this certain mini-van…..in fact, every year at Clergy Conference I am required to tell all the new priests in our diocese the story of the “Vomit Van”…..

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