I just took forty-five minutes working on the web version of my “Theology and Popular Music” talk at the SBL. On a moment’s whim, I navigated over to another site, thinking that I was doing so from another tab in my browser.
I had clicked over to a Google search, leaving behind the forty-five minutes of carefully-polished prose, and returning to an empty text field. Now it’s time to make dinner, and I’m not sure I have the energy (or the heart) to start over. Maybe I’ll work on it tomorrow while I’m invigilating the Bibs 2B exam.

2 thoughts on “Facepalm

  1. Ack. The perils of teh interwebs.

    I’m happy you gave the talk at SBL and I was very sad to not be in attendance. How was it received? I look forward to the web project.

    BTW, Coleridge composed all of Kubla Kahn in his head and, rudely disturbed by a knock at the door, forgot it all, having to start from scratch. He turned out okay, so here’s hopin’!

  2. T.S. Lawrence wrote all of *Revolt in the Desert,* only to have it stolen with his briefcase while traveling by train to the publisher. Had to do it all again.

    The moral, of course, is that favorite proverb, “Writing is a Nightmare,” which I have stitched on a pillow in my drawing room.

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