Holiday Wishes

I’m still operating on Glasgow time, alas; I wake at about 5 AM, and become insurmountably drowsy at about 9 PM. I mention this because our family plans on attending two Christmas Eve services this year, the earlier of which begins at 9 o’clock. Si is supervising a betting pool, I think, on how long I’ll be able to stay awake.
If you’ve been around here before, you have probably figured out that I’m so intensely proud of my family that it must be endangering my health in some way or another. Our visit to Si and Laura (and Laura’s wonderful family) here, and our trip to see Nate and Laura in Ypsilanti, bring us more joy than I can possibly express. And we’re counting on catching Jennifer as soon as we can arrange it.
Plenty of different people in the world celebrate innumerably different things at different times — and some of them even read this blog. So permit me this non-specific holiday greeting, speaking nonetheless as a devout, committed Christian theologian who doesn’t hate the church, the Truth, the creeds, the holy days, or the Archbishop of Canterbury:
   “I wish you all the most wonderful of days, as my family and I rejoice at the annual remembrance of our Saviour’s birth; and we ask that you remember us fondly when you celebrate that which is most precious, most dear, most important in your lives. You stick with us, we’ll stick with you, and together we’ll try to build a tenuous web of solidarity in a world too often characterized by facile hostility. Or as the angels said, ‘Peace on earth; goodwill to all.’ ”

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