Mont Blanc 0, Pelikan 1

(I tried to post this last week, but I couldn’t effectively copy-and-paste the YouTube link.)
All the fountain pen lovers are exuberantly tweeting and linking to this video of the Japanese Prime Minister swapping out his Mont Blanc for a Pelikan. While I like both families of fountain pens, my chagrin (for the laid-by Mont Blanc 149) and glee (for the triumphant Pelikan 800) are all attenuated by the likelihood that the Prime Minister had just run out of ink, or had a momentary dry nib — and that can happen to anyone, with any pen, especially if the user isn’t as preoccupied with pen maintenance as are some of us. Frankly, I think it’s a good thing that he has more on his mind than refilling his Mont Blanc; if I were Prime Minister, people would have the right to grouse about my spending time filling, polishing, flushing, repairing, and browsing for fountain pens.

4 thoughts on “Mont Blanc 0, Pelikan 1

  1. I hope to one day have the option of switching from a Mont Blanc to a Pelikan or visa-versa.

    As a poor grad student, I am stuck with my Parker Sonnet. I love it and use it daily…but I still sneak peeks at Mont Blanc, Pelikan, and Visconti’s websites.

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