In Flight

This one’s for my Mom:
The web has been kicking around an insufficiently documented photo of an owl in flight (“acidcow” is a photo sharing site, to which “sandhouse” pointed on his reddit account; I’ll happily link to the originating source if someone points it out to me):
Owl in flight
That’s just beautiful, and all the more so when one considers the owl’s stunning adaptation to its hunting life. Owls are a totemic creature for my mother’s side of the family; I wish my Grandfather Emerson had had a chance to see this image.

3 thoughts on “In Flight

  1. Wow! That is quite a photograph. One supposes the owl was caught in flight by one of those clever motion reactive cameras although of course it is not impossible that a human clicked the shutter. Whatever the case, I wish I had enough to guess which species of owl it is. Thank you, Andrew.

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