Who Doesn’t Love A Survey?

Others blogged and Facebooked this last week, but I stalled — partly because I had other things to blog, and partly because it seemed a waste of a blogpost to mention this at the same time everyone else did. So, as others said earlier, the SBL will eventually develop a web resource to be called “The World of the Bible: exploring people, places, and passages.” Before so doing, they hope to learn from you, the general audience, just what you’d expect and desire to see in such a site, so they’ve constructed a survey for you to fill out. If you wouldn’t mind, why don’t you stop over there and fill it out. I’m not sure there’s a place to put “AKMA for Monarch of Biblical Studies!” but I won’t stop you from trying.

2 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love A Survey?

  1. Who are they aiming it at? I enjoy ‘Text this week’ but because I don’t belong to an American academic institution, can’t access many of the articles they link to.

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