Good Question: Party Music

Meg asks (on her Facebook page), “It wouldn’t be a party without which songs?” Knowing how much I delight in arguments discussions that bear on popular music, taste, cultural differences (US/Scotland, generational difference, rationale for the party, and so on), and the extent to which reality accommodates my unswerving certaqinty that I know best about matters of popular music, I thought I would bring the question over to my blog.
I’m trying to resist the temptation to equivocate in the face of all the differences, but in the spirit of the question I guess I’d nominate the Isley Brothers’ version of “Shout” as one candidate, and “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown as another; about the only sort of party for which those would be inappropriate would be the Queen’s Tea. Now I’ll begin pondering other nominations; you feel free to suggest some, too.

2 thoughts on “Good Question: Party Music

  1. I listened to some old disco songs on Friday for a change from Baroque chamber, and what a change. I felt like a rabid feminist as I recoiled from the demeaning quality of the lyrics. Songs like “Brick House” that I remembered hearing on the radio strike me quite differently today. I also rediscovered somewhat angry Stevie Wonder (e.g. “You haven’t done nothin'”) that I think would make a great campaign song for running against an incumbent, from either party. Regarding your call for music, “Sunshine of your Love” and “Gimme some lovin” would rank near the top for me. Spencer Davis, Cream, Blind Faith and Traffic are some favorites for me.

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