If You Can Get It

There’s a lot going on here these days, from a day of back-to-back committee meetings to Ash Wednesday service this evening, to a presentation for the Theology/Literature/Arts seminar tomorrow, to a sermon for Sunday, not neglecting work on my James commentary and a couple of articles.
All that being said, let’s turn to what’s really important: John Mayer and Robert Pattinson. (Warning, Mom and others — although the links take you to Google News sites, the topics are decidedly indelicate.) Maybe it’s just me, but if I had a career that depended to a great extent on maintaining an agreeable, friendly, congenial public presence, I would think I’d be able to avoid making such unutterably stupid and offensive remarks. I say dumb things sometimes, heaven (and Margaret) knows. I don’t always anticipate well how my perspective might sound to others. But both of these megastars jave just said — to reporters, reporters, heaven help us! — stupider things than I’ve heard even from some of the really stupid, heedless people I’m acquainted with.
Both have cost themselves non-trivial sums of money; each stands to lose probably more money than I will make in ten years of being a hard-working, careful-communicating, racially-alert (not claiming to have attained “post-racial” status, just saying that in the first instance I wouldn’t boast about whether I’ve gotten particularly far in that direction, and in the second instance that however far I have gotten, the most important thing by far is that I’m still striving), non-misogynist teacher and preacher.
I guess the continuing saga of Mayer’s and Pattinson’s celebrity and wealth are the Invisible Hand’s way of giving people like me the finger.

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  1. Looking at the whole Pattinson senario the obvious suggestion would be a young man so deeply unhappy with the pressure from media to be something that he is not, that his words bring into the open reactions hidden from the world, perhaps even himself.

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