Peril, Jeopardy, and Other Dangers

Because I can’t draw humans worth beans (that is, “draw… worth beans,” not “humans worth beans”; I can draw neither bean-worthy nor un-bean-worthy humans), I am contantly on the lookout for repositories of pre-drawn figuers I might use for illustration. The stick figures from signs provide an especially compelling treasury, and I was browsing around for some when I found this compendium, which intensifies the delight of endangered stick figures with the site owner’s droll commentary. It reminded me of old-time favorite “Stick Figures In Peril,” a group from Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Peril, Jeopardy, and Other Dangers

  1. I’m sure that I had seen some of the images from exploding dog before, but I had never spent time exploring the site. Thanks for the pointer!

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