Starring You!

Sometime this summer, I anticipate putting together some comics-based study guides for my students — things such as “What should I write an essay about?”, “How do I get my bibliography right?”, “I dunno where to find research sources”, “What makes some research sources good and some sources un-good?”, “How should I put my essay together?”, and so on.
Since I can’t draw a lick (or a human face, for that matter), I’m relying on artificial means for populating these comics. I’ve made a pixellated “Diesel Sweeties”-style image of myself, for a start. But it’s not all about me; I need more toons to include in the effort. (Of course, in a perfect world, a real comics artist would want to collaborate on this, but we know that this world falls far short of perfection).
So this is my offer: make a toon version of yourself (or someone else, for all I care), or even draw-and-scan a picture of yourself, and send it to me (at my address, akm.adam@ ). I’ll drop it into my “Useful for comics” folder with your name on it. When I do get around to making the comic, I’ll select some of my friends to appear in the instructional comics. Make sure nothing therein is covered by copyright, please! I’ll acknowledge and thank everyone who appears in a particular comic, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.
Important Caveat: This may entail your toon’s asking questions, or raising objections, or venturing opinions that the real you wouldn’t. While I will try to maintain character as well as I know your character, these will nonetheless be works of fiction, so I’m not at fault if your toon turns out to be dumber than you, more impious or holier than you, or in some other way an inaccurate representation of you. Don’t participate if you don’t trust me.
Here are some online sites that offer character-creation possibilities. If you want to recommend some other, just put it in the comments.
Simpsons Avatar Creator (via the Simpsons movie site)
Mad Men character creator
South Park avatar creator
• New York Zoos and Aquarium Build Your Wild Self (with furry options)
• The Famous Historic Mini-mizer Lego character creator
Manga avatar creator
Suitable-for-Mii avatar editor
“Portrait Illustration Maker”
BeFunky online photo modification
BitStrips character creator
This could be your big break!

4 thoughts on “Starring <em>You!</em>

  1. That sounds a really useful way of teaching – can I have a word with you about this sometime? I won’t be at St Mary’s this Sunday as I am away grandmothering, but would be grateful if we could have a word over it some time.

  2. okay, i’ll see if i can scan (or something) my art teacher lady character, but i just hafta point out: you do realize that you have a fine graphic artist quite close teh hame, noo?

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