As it turns out, my colleague from Com Lit was captivated by Fun Home when I showed it to her, so I’m on her list to give three lectures next spring in the Level One course “Woman as Hero.” (This makes about the tenth copy of Fun Home I’ve sold for Alison Bechdel, plus all that we’ll sell as required reading for a 140-student course.)
We tentatively decided that I’d give lectures on (1) the unfolding of identity, foregrounding Alison as the detective/analyst/explorer of what the family had suppressed; (2) fathers and daughters, on the way Alison’s identity and her father’s diverge, converge, conflict, and generally complicate one another; and (3) on how Alison changes from young girl to the authorial voice that narrates the tragi-graphic-autobiography. It’ll be boatloads of fun, especially since I have months before I actually have to give the lectures!

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  1. Very cool! We came across Fun Home in a quirky little bookstore near the Detroit art museum a couple of months ago and I tried to convince my mother it belonged in her high school library. Less successful there… but at least she knows it exists.

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