I’m Looking At You, Router

Virgin Media swears that our connection is fine, that my landlord hasn’t forgotten to pay the bill, that as far as they can tell, everything is hunky-dory. That leaves the router, so I’ve been filling up browser tabs with support advice for D-Link ADSL2+ modem-routers.
In the meantime, Margaret and I are sitting at a cafe, I’m uploading a boatload of pictures, pointing to apposite PhD Comics pages, and enjoying the warm, (mostly) sunny Glasgow weather. I’m counting on getting the connection fixed this afternoon.

4 thoughts on “I’m Looking At You, Router

  1. Mark used to have Virgin for internet service, years ago, and the connection was horribly, horribly slow, and prone to DNS errors. If those are the problems you’re having… it may be the network, not the router.

  2. we have a spare linksys wireless ADSL router that we got from the post office for our previous flat – if it would help I can either give it to doug to pass on to you at uni or you’re most welcome to pop round to our house for it

  3. Has anything changed? We had to upgrade the firmware for our router when we switched from ADSL to ADSL 2+. I actually found the phone support for D-Link quite good except that at one point I had to say that, no, I couldn’t download the new firmware while he talked me through it because I currently couldn’t connect to the internet at home and would have to go to work with a flash drive, download it and bring it back home. 🙂 Note that this is phone support for Australia, so you might get to talk to a different call centre.

  4. Thanks, all. I have two D-Link router-modems and another BT-branded modem-router at the flat, so I don’t think more hardware will need to be the answer. Right now, the bottleneck seems to involve my landlord’s absence from the UK; he doesn’t have me listed as someone authorised to know anything about the account, so although Virgin has expressed willingness to help me sort the problem, we always reach a point at which the help would involve them touching on privileged information.
    It wouldn’t be quite such a bother, except Margaret and I had wanted to watch a particular program tonight before she returns to the USA.
    We’ll see if we can find a way to circumvent our limitations later in the day. Again, many thanks.

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