Life of the World To Come — The Movie

I’ve promoted live performance video of The Mountain Goats before (and see also this), but if you’d rather hear only material from the most recent album, and you don’t want to hear the full band (terrific as Peter and Jon (and occasionally Perry) are) — or you just couldn’t get hold of the marvellously-produced DVD package — you may want to check out Pitchfork’s limited-time free online presentation of The Life of the World to Come (the movie). John Darnielle, mostly solo, with Rachel Ware, performs the songs from the album plus the non-album bonus track “Enoch 18:14” (named after the Bible, built around a quotation from the video game Odin Sphere).
Watch out for a voyeuristic peek into John’s sadness when he performs “Matthew 25:21” (about his mother-in-law’s death) and begins to weep. Or look aside, politely allowing him his grief.

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