Sunny Summer Stromateis

• Nice piece from NPR about a neuroscientist who discovers that he is related to a number of notorious murderers, including Lizzie Borden — then learns that his own brain has several features associated with murderers. He is not a dangerous psychopath himself (so far), which he attributes to a loving upbringing. That sounds a wee bit simplistic to me, but I’m sure that having a positive childhood helps, and it seems likely to me that other elements, of which we’re not specifically aware, enters in as well.
• Google Books announced the release of a great many books for the study of classical languages (and they had already digitised many others). Tolle, lege!
• Wizzywig Comics’ Ed “BoingThump” Piskor posted an interesting display of comics frames that imply the passage of time within a single frame.
• World Cup? What World Cup? I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the beginning of the preseason friendlies in the SPL.
• I uploaded some more photos of everyday sights from my walk to and from church, to help Margaret get by during the time till she can come over and join me.

Great Western

Although the weather was overcast Sunday morning, it’s generally been exceptionally marvellous for the past two or three weeks. I may take some more pictures today, to underscore the blue-skied splendour of summer in Glasgow.
• My clerico-academic colleague the Rev. Dr. Ralph McMichael has taken up the opportunity afforded him by budget cuts at the Diocese of Missouri (that’s the delicate way of putting it) to launch a Center for the Eucharist, whose mission aims at a renewal and deepening of the centrality of the Eucharist in the life of the church. I feel a little too far away to lend him full support, but those in range of Ralph’s base of operations would do well to keep alert to the various ways the Center might cooperate in strengthening their work — and in how they might srengthen the Center.
• Today’s post-grad graduation day, so that some of our friends will be receiving their degrees and moving on to What Lies Ahead. Cheers and congratulations to Alana, Mark, and Bryan.
• In connection with Neal’s hyperbolic (but flattering) characterisation of me as “high priest of rock and roll at #solasfest,” it’s worth a pointer to today’s Cat and Girl comic. Further, I notice that since I submitted my article on the Mountain Goats to its editor, I once again enjoy listening to them very much more.

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  1. Enter in, I believe (1st para.). I’m really so impressed with your super-literacy that spotting what could be an error feels like a mini-win!

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