Facial Recognition

Margaret assigned me to watch Julie & Julia (which I did, and enjoyed), but I’ve been frustrated by the appearance of Julie’s boss at the LMDB. I thought I recognised him as Chris Parnell; not only does he look like Parnell, but at times he tilts his head in a characteristically Parnellian way. But the IMDB full cast listing doesn’t mention Parnell anywhere, and I can’t figure out what the boss’s character’s name is (though so far, none of the male parts looks the way that actor did).
OK, Web, thank you: the actor is Brooks Ashmanskas (photo), and the name of the boss is “Mr. Misher.” I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

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  1. Julie/Julia the book is more Julie’s story in the way that the movie is more Julia. Harriet was given the book so I read it having already seen the movie (Thank you Netflix giver).

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