Going Around

I’m walking on air, since I know I’ll see my beloved in just over two weeks, but am thrilled to share the joy with Steve Himmer. Steve and I go way back to the boondocks days of Blogaria, we’ve couch-surfed back and forth, we’ve rejoiced and grieved together [digitally]. And now, we get to raise a glass in celebratory honour of his having found a publisher for his ground-breaking first novel, The Bee-Loud Glade!
There is no better friend among living novelists, and I am sure as can be that this marks the beginning of an exciting shelf of published works. I’ll be hoping we have the opportunity to arrange for Steve to return to old haunts and give a reading at the University of Glasgow.

5 thoughts on “Going Around

  1. Thanks so much. And of course the novel began with a conversation we had between our blogs, so I probably owe you a copy. Especially if you can wrangle that invitation to Glasgow – I do miss the place!

  2. Well, Theology is being assimilated with SESLL (the School of English and Scottish Language and Literature) into the new model “School of Critical Studies,” so my institutional colleagues will include the English Department. I’ll be lecturing in Comp Lit (on Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home) next year, too, in a course on “Woman as Hero”; maybe I’ll be able to talk them into letting me lecture in “Man As Hero” in the year after, on The Bee-Loud Glade.

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