Much To Do

Back at work this morning, clearing email, parsing verbs, glossing Greek, and generally slogging ahead in writing the James commentary. At midday I’ll connect with Maggi Dawn (who’s visiting Glasgow), then perhaps some errands and back home.
It occurred to me this morning that one reason I’m disliking the process of writing this commentary is that I’d much rather encourage people to read the epistle, and then talk and argue about what to make of it. I’ve said before that I dislike the genre of the commentary, and I find I’m disliking the writing of it.
I need to figure out a genre of academic writing in biblical studies (as opposed to hermeneutics, critical theory, or theology) that I do like — but not until after I clear a few more book-length debts.

1 thought on “Much To Do

  1. I strongly dislike the genre of “grammar” and here I am adding to it. I would much rather people read the text than read about it. Yet another oxymoronic complication in the life of a scholar, eh?

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