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Margaret came over from the States with a book called The Christian Imagination by my grad school friend and my colleague at Duke, Willie Jennings. She had picked it up shortly before leaving, and was exuberantly enthusiastic about it — which was great to hear, since everyone who knows Willie and his work had been eager for this to come into print. (I’d be reading it myself, but Margaret loaned the family copy to Doug Gay.)
Now it’s beginning to get notices from other readers, and I’m tickled to notice that James K. A. Smith has an extremely appreciative note of anticipation on his blog.
When I was at Duke year before last, it was clear that a certain proportion of the student body really were picking up the insights into theology, church history, and racial ideology that Willie and Jay Kameron Carter (of Race: A Theological Account) have been working into their course repertoire. I wish that the benefits were more readily available to students of theology — but if you can’t learn from these two wonderful teachers — brilliant scholars — in person, you can at least read the books.

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