There, That’s Better

With garlands and a hat tip to Christopher Roussel (who’s just finalising his doctoral thesis, congratulations as well as thanks!), I’m fully up-to-date for my WordPress installation. With any luck, that may betoken renewed activity on the blog here, and perhaps even a new design for the page — who knows?

Since I hadn’t indicated this before on the blog, Margaret and Pippa arrived safely and are settling in. I’m finishing up the school year (graduation for our undergraduates in a few minutes, with several reports due in a hurry), writing up my comments for a book panel at the International SBL, and looking forward to a grand meet-up with some online friends from of old — Euan, Gary, Suw and Kev, Halley, maybe J.P., and who knows who else, in London next Wednesday.

Now, though, it’s time to don my robes and look solemn while our soon-to-be-alumni/æ receive theirs degrees. Cheers to Jonathan, Isobel, Stuart, David, Alison, Brian, Roise, and several others whose names I’ll add after the ceremony.

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