Last Sunday’s Sermon

A couple of days ago, Kelvin posted the video of my sermon from Sunday at the cathedral website. It will nat have vaulted me into the Times or a top fifty list, but several people mentioned yesterday that they had been talking and thinking about it, which is about as much as I could possibly ask.

A number of people have disagreed with me on this, and I do take that very seriously — but I’m inclined to stick with what I take to be a position solidly grounded in catholic and biblical warrants. That doesn’t mean I scorn the alternatives that my interlocutors present, but that (granted that there may be more than just one plausible construction to put on theological interpretation) I’m not persuaded that the alternatives hang together as well in a theology I can live with. But that’s for talking out — at any rate, I appreciate the amount of energy people have put into thinking the topic over. That’s all to the good.

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