No Idle Regulation

Christopher pointed to the sort of story that haunts low-budget expats such as Margaret and me. We were looking at flats with more than one bedroom late last year, thinking how nice it would be if we could offer shelter to travelling children and friends in a more grown-up setting than the fold-out couch in our lounge — but it’s a good thing that we didn’t overcommit ourselves that way. The minimum doesn’t kick in until 90 days before my visa expires — that is, beginning in early July — but this is a minimum we can’t afford to drift anywhere close to. It was a drag when we had headaches getting our visas to enter the UK when we were in the States, but that would be nothing compared to how dreadful it would be to be deported from here. My sympathies to Dr Ahmad.

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  1. Yikes. I thought you had made it through that door already! If I understand the rules correctly, the minimum can be spread across multiple bank accounts and in multiple currencies as long as the accounts are in your name (so you can use any funds in US accounts/savings if you have any). Also, the minimum may be higher for two of you, so be prepared!

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