Two Follow-Ups (Follows-Up?)

I’ve listened to this week’s The Digital Human, which announced that ‘Next week…, we’ll be looking at another way the Web has challenged authority — who is the keeper of our faith?’ (The Radio Four website says ‘Aleks Krotoski looks at religious belief and the internet.’) I’ll be interested to learn what the producer does with my segments, to align them with those announced themes. The second is closer to what we spent most of the morning talking about.
And I brought two pens home from the Antiques Fair, but they weren’t the two I was expecting. Peter and I had crossed wires about the two 51s I thought I’d be welcoming back to the collection, and instead had replaced the nib on a Parker 61 I had passed along to him. The other pen I brought home is the Parker 51 with the stub nib (Forest Green barrel), which he adjusted on-site for me. The other two P51s will have to wait till Peter’s next trip through Glasgow. The P51 stub is a bit fiddly to write with, but it’s unusual enough that Peter asked gently about whether I wanted to have that one out as well in exchange for a fine point; no thank you, Peter, this one’s a keeper, at least for now.

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