Noted In Passing

Jared Gardner’s article from The Comics Journal (an excerpt from a new book) hits two of my favourite topics: comics and the New Criticism. The New Critics brought numerous aspects of reading well into focus, not least by the controversies they provoked, but I’m very far from being a partisan of theirs. This moment in comics history sheds some light on why they’re allies only at a distance, and on the fraught adolescence of comics in the USA. I’m trying to think that I don’t need to read the book, but I’m failing.
We had a 100% delightful stop-off with Nate and Laura in New Haven, including brunch with my sister Holly at a vegan/gluten-free diner, and now we have another all-day travel day on our way to Nantucket, to check in with my Mom and other family there. The ferry was shut down for high winds yesterday; we’re hoping for clear sailing this evening.

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