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The Scottish Premier League has evidently decided to welcome Dundee from Division One to replace the New Rangers — rather than allowing relegated Dunfermline a reprieve for this year. This is not, of course, the last word on the topic; Dunfermline is threatening to sue (with the year they had last year, I’d think they would welcome the chance to win a game or two returning to Division One).
Barring further changes, we now have a sense of how the Scottish leagues and divisions will line up next year: Rangers in Div Three, Stranraer in Div Two, Airdrie United in Div One, Dunfermline in Div One, Dundee and Ross County in the Premier League. For all the fuss and bother over these developments, I hope that the coming year allows more interesting stories than just which Old Firm team is doing what; I think Scottish football stands to benefit immensely from opening up the seasons to more unforeseen results.

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  1. The Telegraph, apparently, does not check for typos in titles and URLs: Scottiah??

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