You Can’t Get There From Here

No, of course you can get from Oxford to Cambridge (and back) — but it’s annoyingly complicated, involving a choice among (a) train in to London, then out to Cambridge; (b) coach from Oxford to Cambridge, a long ride stopping numerous times and navigating every roundabout possible along the route; or (c) Margaret just learned that some people take the airport coach to Heathrow, and then take the coach out to Cambridge.

One might think there to be a rationale for a rail route between these two locations, but that route — the Varsity Line — was axed under the Beeching reforms (as also most routes that don’t ultimately fit an hub-and-spoke routing model). Now there’s a government scheme for an expressway between the two cities, because auto transport is the wave of the future, and some advocacy for reviving the rail route, but for the time being, travelers without their own transport have the three not entirely palatable choices.

All that being said, once we get to Cambridge we will have a splendid time at the patronal feast for Little St Mary’s, seeing SSH alumnus Fr Gregory, spending more time with Fr Robert, and enjoying the excellent navigational skills of a driver for Stagecoach.

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