Memory Victory

Yesterday, Margaret was asking me about insect extermination companies, and we mused that this was another area in which the familiar brands from our youth in the USA probably didn’t carry over to the UK. ‘What was that company,’ I asked, ‘that had a big model roach or something stuck onto the roofs of their company vehicles?’ Margaret couldn’t remember; I was stuck. Reference to Google didn’t help, and though my friends on Facebook cited examples from the Simpsons and other popular media, none was the real-life firm we recalled. ‘I thought maybe Terminix, but Google Image search provides no support for that’ I commented.

Then my friend Shannon Gunn, Pet Rock Star (once a renowned WWW singer/songwriter, now a pharmacist, sic transit gloria internet) and founding hunter and guild admin in We Know, came to my aid.

Terminix Truck with model termite on top

Thanks, Shannon — you made an old man feel as though his brain isn’t entirely worn out!

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