COVID World, Day Thirteen

Woke up at 5:30, got ready for my morning run, warmed up. This morning it was 3° but without a breeze, so if felt much more reasonable (the BBC Weather app said that it felt like 0°, but I’m sure it was a bit warmer than that). My body felt much more cooperative this morning, though toward the end it resisted a closing push; my 10:14 time seems reasonable enough.

Then I went to Sainsbury’s at its opening at 7:00. There were no other customers in the store, so I filled my shopping list (save onions and, of course, loo roll and kitchen roll) with lightning speed, woohoo! A couple of other shoppers had drifted in while I was there, but it was a very socially isolated experience.

Next came breakfast, and various email tasks. After I extracted myself from distraction and lunch, I tackled the essays I left unmarked yesterday afternoon in the aftermath of the sudden imperative to approve curriculum changes; frustratingly, some queries and tasks diverted my energies (by mid-afternoon, my focus and productivity drop off precipitously even apart from isolation). I didn’t close out the marking — determined to settle that tomorrow morning.

We dined on spaghetti and veg in an amply fluid sauce (it might have been ‘spaghetti with tomato sauce’ if we had more spaghetti in the pantry), and continued watching Spooks.

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