COVID World, Day Thirty-Seven

After ten days of assuring myself that it would be all right to take a day off running, this morning I did so. I mean, ‘take a day off.’ I woke up stiff and achy, and running seemed as especially unappealing prospect. After a while, my joints and back relaxed into ordinary limberness, so my reluctance seems vindicated.

I’ve been enjoying Patrick Stewart’s Sonnet-a-Day project; it puts me in mind of making a Psalm a Day, or a Parable a Day playlist sometime….

Finished Ker’s biography of Newman, worked on Jowett’s ‘On the Interpretation of Scripture’ (a much more interesting, subtle essay than I remembered, and Arnold was a great appreciator of Newman), caught up on some communication. Pesto veg and tofu for dinner, and then to Spooks. I’m not sure there is shark-jumping here, but one looks backward and realises that that was a shark that just swam under you….

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