Coronormal, Day 166

I was late out of bed, and felt reluctant to go at all, so I planned to return to the short route this morning. I admit that I’d hoped for a noticeable difference in time since I’ve been running a longer course, but alas! the mile path ran at 9:36. My friend Zanne, who just completed C>5K, reminds me that it’s about getting out and active, not about times and distances. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, and a lot of banging my head against rabbinic sources relative to James 5. In another world — one in which I didn’t take the path of Joyce scholarship — I might have become a Talmudist. Just combing through appearances of Elijah in rabbinic literature offers so much to chew on…
Margaret tried a new recipe for her chickpea pancakes, one that produces a cake-in-a-pan rather than pancakes, and it was a great success. Dicte, and Cats (8 out of 10).

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