Congratulations, Georgia (and USA)

Job well done, Georgia, if by an uncomfortably narrow margin. I know it would have been a wider margin without the voter-suppression activities that the stte government has pursued for the past few years.

Now that Mitch McConnell is no longer absolute monarch of the Senate, here are some developments I’d like to see:

  • National legislation to inhibit gerrymandering and encourage coherent, contiguous, compact voting districts, as part of a renewed Voting Rights Act;
  • Gradual expansion of Medicare toward an eventual Medicare for All programme;
  • Whatever it takes — Constitutional amendment, Enlarging the Supreme Court — to reverse Citizens United;
  • Rapid demilitarisation of police forces;
  • Monumental investment in education, beginning from elementary level, prioritising high-poverty districts;
  • Abolition of private prisons, as part of a thorough-going decarceralisation initiative, examining first of all the racial inequity in sentencing patterns;
  • Annual gradual adjustment pf progressive income tax rates until they approximate Nixon-Ford era tax rates;
  • Reinstate nuclear weapons bans, demilitarisation of space, and slash defence spending;
  • Figure out some way to fix the Supreme Court and the nomination/confirmation process. Ask Larry Lessig.

Last of all, let us in the rest of the world not hear about insane US politics so that we can go about fixing our own problems without the stress of knowing that the nation with a massive military and a history of interventionist reactivity isn’t being run by tantrum-prone narcissists.

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