Down at Heart

I’m approaching a year of job searching, and it hurts. I’m very good at what I do — teach, research, write, lead worship and preach — but I’m old, I’m not a partisan darling, not especially good-looking, and because of my career path I’m not an obvious REF candidate (I’d dispute that, based on the last couple of cycles, but the complex mechanisms of self-monitoring weighed against me).

A half dozen original books, another pile of edited books and translations, pages of peer-reviewed articles, recognised as a commendable teacher — unemployable.

I’ll keep applying — what else might I do? — but for the time being, it’s a hard message.

On the other hand, this is extra hard for Margaret, of which I haven’t taken enough account. For her sake I have to keep my spirits higher, have to communicate more and in a more positive key my sense of what’s going on, have to redouble my efforts to find a position.

1 thought on “Down at Heart

  1. here we are again, again. courage, my friend. i don’t have a clue what REF is, but if it’s good, you’re a candidate. all shall be well…

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