Fulfilling Discipline

I note these runs not because there is the least little thing that’s interesting about them, but because that practice keeps me coming back to the site and typing something in. My hope — futile so far — is to shift my impulse-to-scribble from FB and Twitter back to the blog where it belongs.

Speaking of running, 8°, mostly clear, moderately comfortable, two miles, decent pace. On my way, I saw a fox with a distinctly unhealthy appearance,

Mangy fox in front  of red car
Mangy fox moving beyond red car into the street
Mangy fox trotting away down the street

and an unusual inclination to stand its ground and eyeball me as I passed (I doubled back to take these photos). I see healthier foxes moderately often; I’m not sure what contributes to this creature’s colour and thinness.

2 thoughts on “Fulfilling Discipline

  1. Interesting that you are trying to draw yourself back to blogging more rather than posting to social media accounts. I deleted all of mine but still am not blogging enough! I do feel drawn to post to Mastodon more often though. I think it is the prospect of a response rather than shouting into the void… hence this comment to give you an incentive!

    1. It’s so hard, though — the ease of use (more or — often — less) and scope of audience make the big players hard to resist…

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