Hits From the Past

I’ve been getting some web traffic recently looking for my book of sermons, Flesh and Bones, in PDF form; that’s heartening, though I realised that I’ve been preaching longer since Margaret and I compiled those sermons as a benefit for St Luke’s than I had been preaching all told when it was compiled. (That sounds confusing. I mean, ‘that selection of sermons draws on less than half of my preaching years’). Another post mentions the Big Bible project and links to a number of places at that site, which no longer exists and which wasn’t archived on the Wayback Machine. Big Bible was a relatively well-financed operation, shinier and better publicised than the Disseminary — and the Disseminary made some missteps, and was ‘ahead of its time’ — but my sisters and brothers, I’m still here, links to me mostly resolve, and I gradually fix broken links. Hit-and-run splashy projects come and go; but the vision I proposed, along with Trevor, is still standing.

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