Morning Rain

It’s lovely and bright out now, but this morning when I got up to run the skies were grey and a steady light rain was falling. I went ahead, 13°, somewhat stiff and heavy (I’m still working off all that curry and cake from Tuesday night), but two solid miles at a stolid pace.

I’ve been working on an open-access revised edition of my Greek textbook, and yesterday I came across a sentence in the exercises that bore no relation whatever to stage that student-readers would have gotten to. Now, to be fair, it’s late in the book, and pulling up exercises is among the more tedious aspects of compiling the book, but that misjudged exercise sentence both indicated that I had been exactly this worn down when I compiled the book the first time, and also that I’m getting near the end of the initial assembly of the book, short of reformatting for page fit and proofreading. The, on to James.

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