Busy Day, Lovely Visit, Two More

From 8:30 yesterday morning to 18:45 yesterday evening, I was en route to or coming back from another interview. The talking went about as well as usual, so I expect that the effort will prove fruitless, but there we are. Whatever else may be the case, I won’t win any championships as an interviewee.

On the other hand, our lovely friend Käthe is spending the next couple of days in Oxford for a wedding, and we’re providing her with convenient shelter between designated events. She is a lovely, luminous friend — as much so now as when I met her almost twenty-four years ago, when she was in single digits. Truly we have been blessed with a great treat in being able to put up visitors to Oxford.

As to the real reason everyone flocks to this blog: grey, warm (14°), mucho pollen (my eyes an sinuses streamed throughout the run), very leisurely pace after all yesterday’s walking, some painful or wobbly bits when I was warming up, but everything settled down eventually, and violà! two more miles.

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