Morning Two

12°, clear, limber (but with a few twinges in ankles and knees), high pollen, and a decent pace = another two miles.

As if in answer to my plaint, I’ve been invited to interview for a post, and I have another four or five applications floating out there like a fisherman’s bobbers. I’m not expecting anything from any of this — after a year of fruitless applications, it’s hard to be positive about processes in which one still has only a one in four (or so) chance of succeeding, and short-encounter social interaction is about my least favourable circumstance — but ‘one interview’ increases my chances vastly over ‘no interviews,’ so I’m warmly thankful for that. (I checked: it’s four other, all part-time, which reminds me to send a couple of notes asking people I know about the chance of complementary part-time work in those locations.) And we’re coming up on the ed of the week, when new openings are announced, so who knows that the future holds?

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