This Is the Dawning of a New Era

Got up, ran my ? miles (15°, 94% humidity, actually a good, steady pace), said Morning prayer, watched the clip of the Postal Service that Nate sent me from the concert he saw, and now I begin the rest of my day without a thought about the epistle of James. It’s been so long that I’ve been struggling with that piece that I have lost touch with what it might feel like to have moved past it. Of course, I have a significant backlog of research and writing to tackle, but one item, at least, is off the list. (Now all I need to do is finish ‘Anglican Hermeneutics (part one),’ ‘Interdisciplinarity,’ a short book introducing readers to the epistle of James, and my summing-up book about differential hermeneutics. Plus whatever other responsibilities I turn out to have, assuming I ever have a job again (apart from tutoring at Oriel, which I love).

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