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No run yesterday because of morning rain. I ran a wee errand, then dashed to Keble for the second Speaker’s Lecture, then lecturer Prof. Lisa Bowens joined me for a burger (each) at the King’s Arms to talk about Princeton Seminary, hermeneutics, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Book of Revelation. After a quick stop back home to change to formal clothes, I joined my colleagues for Oriel Theology teaching staff’s get-together, then dinner at Oriel’s High Table, then Theology Drinks Night. After a royal time talking mostly with students and former students, I hobbled back home and slouched into bed.

This morning I did my run in the MIST, then prayers and fruit breakfast, and in a short while I’ll return to Oriel for lunch, then on to Keble again for a word from Prof. Bowens, this time not as the Speaker’s Lecturer but as the seminar leader. Then home to Margaret, thank heaven, and a bit of a rest.

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