That’s Me Done

I ran my 1.7, stopping along the way at Tesco and Sainsbury’s to ask whether they stock any staplers (info for curious Headington readers: as of this morning, they don’t). ‘Why,’ you may ask, ‘did you want to buy a stapler?’ Because a form I had to submit had as a stipulation that I had to staple my picture to it, and to staple a further certification to the main document, and all our staplers are in storage in heaven only knows what box. There we are, in the age of digital documentation, scrounging for staples in the wee hours before someone comes to collect my envelope of documentation. ‘But wait,’ I hear you cry, ‘if you couldn’t buy a back-up stapler on ypour morning run, how did you get your certification stapled?’

When I got home (and cleaned up), I strolled next door to The White Horse, only to discover that they hadn’t opened yet, despite their offering a breakfast menu. Hmmph! So I crossed the street and ventured, cautiously, onto the grounds of The Headington School. There, after the Reception Desk opened, I was welcomed and offered the use of their stapler (one of the many I was assured that the school had at its disposal).

All this adds up to saying that as of this moment, all my documentation debts are fully paid from my end. I’m still waiting for various permissions, approvals, renewals, and so on — but those are all dependent on material that I’ve already submitted. I’m all clear. That’s me done.

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