Ooops, Fortnightly

I posted to social media, but neglected my blog for my fortnightly listening diary at

1 The Beatles 10 scrobbles
2 The Who 8
3 The Flaming Lips 7
4 Wilco 7
5 Aretha Franklin 6
6 David Bowie 6
7 Juliana Hatfield 6
8 Kirsty MacColl 6
9 Larry Coryell 6
10 Rickie Lee Jones 6

And the Mountain Goats, of course, cos they just released Jenny From Thebes, which is a winner both on the basis of a great title and having actual readable Greek on the cover art, plus another fascinating step deeper into the (semi-)imaginary world where the whole catalogue happens…

I might have said ‘Goats-iverse’, but that just sounds so wrong…

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