Pushing a Little

Yesterday’s activities may have pushed my healing foot a little too far — a run in the morning, two walks with the dogs, a walk to (and at*) St Helen’s in the morning, and another to (and at*) St Nicolas’s in the evening. By the end of the day, my foot was a bit impatient with me. On the other hand, when I woke up Saturday morning it was throbbing and notably swollen.

I ran my usual route anyway this morning, and expect to go to Morning Prayer and then to a cafe for a while. Apart from Morning Prayer, I don’t have any firm obligations today, so I’ll take things easy for the rest of the day.**

Meanwhile, Minke and Flora have noticed that their primary human (Margaret) no longer lies in with them in the mornings, so they have begun waking up more and more closely to my own timetable. Of course, they go to sleep again as soon as they’ve returned to my space, but they evidently feel it important to be sleeping within a few feet of me.

* I mean, any event at church involves not just the walking to and from, but also various intervals of standing during the liturgy, and (especially for staff) a lot of standing and talking after the service.

** Maybe carry a few boxes upstairs, too. I know that’s a significant stressor for foot injuries — Margaret developed a stress fracture carrying both baby Josiah and laundry up and downstairs from the basement when we lived on the second floor (US third floor) of a high-ceilinged building in New Haven — but I do want to get these boxes out of my study, so that I have even a remote chance of making a tidy space of it.

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