Climate Ch-ch-ch-ch-change

-3°, so I ran my shorter route, but I did run anyway. My fingers got a bit numb; no, they got prickly and painful, so I doubt I will run two days in a row at subzero temperatures. It’s only Celsius, so USians can look smug and point to Iowa temperatures, but I wouldn’t run in -25°F either. Coffee and fruit, about to head out to Morning Prayer, and then quite likely to a cafe in Abingdon. But which…?

2 thoughts on “Climate Ch-ch-ch-ch-change

  1. My most enjoyable long run (with a pace of which I am most proud) was in Skokie at around 25°F. There’s something to be said for running motivation arising from a need to stay alive and functional, but I agree, I wouldn’t go out in negative anything°F!

  2. I have poor circulation to my extremities, so my fingers get prickly and painful (yes, I could wear heavier gloves, probably should, but it feels stupid to wear robot-hand gloves for just running). Otherwise, it’s mostly just okay. I don’t see enjoying a sub-zero°-C run, but then I don’t really enjoy running in the first place, so it’s a matter of taking a tedious necessity and making it a tedious and cold necessity.
    Meanwhile, Margaret has made me promise not to run tomorrow morning if it is, as predicted, -4° or thereabouts.

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