Splitting Hairs

I’ve been in a grouchy mood all day because I went for a haircut yesterday, and despite my having said explicitly (and repeatedly) that I wanted my hair tidier not shorter, not shorter, the barber trimmed away a year’s growth of hair. Once I sit down in the chair and take my glasses off, all the power flows to the shears; all I can do is hope for the best, and yesterday was not the best. That determines it, though: For the rest of the year, no barber is going to touch my hair. When it gets long enough again, I’ll take stock and decide whether to try a different barber.

Ran my two miles, fruit and coffee for breakfast, Morning Prayer at church, home for a second mug and for reading and sermon preparation.

Both the Thames and the Ock are high; the Ock has flooded parkland and some gardens, and the Thames has flooded parks as well. The next ten days are expected to be dry, though, so that this should be near the peak.

The Ock River Walk, floodedSt Helen’s Wharf, Flood waters reaching above the street line

St Helen’s Wharf, the Thames reaching an inch or two below the sidewalk embankment

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