They’re Back in Elf Costumes

The ladies, Minke and Flora, that is. I’ll add photo evidence as soon as I can.

Flora (a dozing Lhasa Apso/Maltese mix) and Minke (an active Yorkie about to jump out of the frame) in their elf costumes

Ran my two miles this morning, against objections from my quadriceps, then had my coffee and fruit breakfast, showered, went to St Helen’s for Morning Prayer, and back home to help Margaret with her tea and breakfast, as she slipped on the stairs — injuring her foot — when the ladies were rushing in to greet her. The water level in the Ock and Thames both is unnervingly high; I earnestly hope that the next ten days of dryer weather hammers the floodwaters down.

At the left, at the bottom of the pillar, the plaque commemorating the flood of 1894, when the water reached the level marked thereon; at the right, the Thames as it waxes and threatens to cross the road for an encore.

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