And I Ran…

Ran my usual two miles this morning, and although my legs were attempting passive resistance tactics, I kept to a pretty good pace. Fruit breakfast and coffee, cleaned up, Morning Prayer, a morning meeting with the Team Vicar (one of my two line managers), Staff Meeting, and in the meantime Margaret had arrived safely at home with two heavy suitcases. After lunch I caught up on email, installed a new doorbell, and now am set to square away some marking (of which I have a backlog that would be criminal were it not for my valid ‘mother-in-law’s funeral’ explanation). Have to work on Sunday’s sermon, and hammer away at my marking — but this is seventh week, only one more week of term, and beginning the week after next I’ll have more time, which will be welcome.

Did I say that Margaret’s home? Oh, and the dogs, too, but they’re definitely not the main attraction.

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