Cold Comfort

So, I dinnae run yesterday or today (might have done today, but I had to catch an early bus and I couldn’t be sure I would run, shower, dress, and catch the bus in time), but I’m planning to run tomorrow. Yesterday was church day, and (as I had not leadership responsibilities) we simply attended St Helen’s (I’m celebrating at St Nic’s next week), then assisted at the evening Easter Lessons and Music. The latter went well, which was a relief since I had a minor role in planning it.

Today I spent the whole day so far at a Clergy Orientation Day (or as a former student of mine also in attendance said, ‘De-orientation and Re-orientation Day’). It was good to see Fr Stephen, and to greet Bp Stephen, and jolly to spend some time sharing perspectives with Fr Fergus Butler-Gallie both at the meeting and on the bus ride back to Oxford. Time now to unwind from all the excitement of the various orientation regimens and brace myself for tomorrow’s responsibilities. Look for a running report (that is, a report on my morning run, not an activity-by-activity summing-up of my energies and feelings).

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