Joints, Muscles, Back

Stiff all over after shifting books around yesterday (not just loading the three bookshelves, but also moving book boxes out from Margaret’s library and my closet out to get them in position to shelve), so my morning run was slow; I felt as though all my motion was restricted, everything was tight. Still, the weather was pleasant, and I haven’t missed a day since the rain stopped.

Now that I have two time-ambiguous jobs, I notice that one of the big time costs of my work involves the interplay of emails and timetables. If I were a shop clerk, I’d have set hours and fulfil them by arriving at and leaving the shop. Now that I’m somewhat on-call for two posts, I spend a lot of time answering emails, planning this meeting and that, changing plans, and shifting my attention from sermon prep to pastoral news to marking to answering students’ queries, and all this time is invisible to outside auditing, and task-switching leaks time through start-up and wind-down efforts. Hey, I love Oriel and I love the Abingdon Parish, no doubt. I’m just (re-)affirming what part-time workers have known all along, that part-time work costs the worker more tie than just the compensated hours.

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