Visual Aids

Here are photos of the pens I worked on yesterday. I have another on the table; I’ll probably have at it with polish tonight as Margaret and I catch up on LOST.

Sheaffer Balance


Sheaffer Balance

This is the Sheaffer Balance. The crack runs slong the bottom edge of the lower photo.

No Name Red Celluloid

This is the no-name red pen. No crack, but you can see the pronounced distinction between the two halves of the barrel. Still, it’s a pretty thing, and (as I said) it writes nicely. I want to work on my pen photography (though I know enough from long-ago involvement with commercial photography tyo know that I don’t want to make a huge production out of it).
I also took photos last week when it actually snowed in Durham; here are a couple from that batch.

Snow In Durham


Snow In Durham
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  1. I use a Waterman Philéas every day but with a cartridge, which according to Meryl Streep’s character in the worth-seeing Doubt is letting the side down.

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