I am quietly cursing Frank Spors for having the section glued into the fountain pens he imported, “so that the user will not ‘be so apt to take it apart, twist the ink container (sac) all out of shape and then finally blame the pen.’ ” I’ve been at it for twenty minutes with a hair dryer (not straight through — alternating with gentle twisting), and the section isn’t budging.

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  1. Brooke says:

    AKMA, I came on the following just moments after reading your “Frank Spors” post:

    The payoff is near the bottom, where Mark Twain writes about his “stylographic” pen.

    “It takes a royal amount of cussing to make the thing go…”

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  4. Robert says:

    I just got a Spors pen, and had a similar problem getting the section off. Eventually I cracked the body at the end of the threads and cut off the 1/4″ of threaded body still adhered to the section. Now the pen is 1/4″ shorter and the cap is a slip-fit, rather than a screw-on (heh). I found a standard #16 sac to be a bit too wide for the section nipple, so used a #14 I’d originally bought to fix a Sheaffer Snorkel – it fits perfectly.

    Don’t expect miracles from this pen. It writes, but the ink flow control is nonexistent. Sometimes mine runs wet, sometimes dry, I can’t make much sense of controlling it yet. But I do think the glass nib is pretty neat idea. Mine was a bit sharp when I first tried it, so smoothed it down with a bit of #2500 grit sandpaper and it is a lot more pleasant to use.

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