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Jeph Jacques Hermeneutician

Jeph Jacques — a terrific comics writer/artist, one-man band, and thoughtful person — has once again run into the uncanny valley of unintended consequences, where what you write (draw, sing, sculpt, design, whatever) engenders responses wildly different from what you … Continue reading

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‘With The Rich And Mighty, Always A Little Patience’

The news that broke a few days ago that now science reveals that wealthy and powerful people are more likely to lie, steal, cheat, and generally disregard the orms that apply to mere humans seems to have surprised some readers. … Continue reading

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Additions To The Gang

I was working away on my commentary on the Epistle of James this past week, when Margaret popped into the office with a small but bulky package. In that package was a very lovely note from my friend and former … Continue reading

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Kicking Wheels

I’ve been playing with Pinwheel this week, and it promises to be very interesting. The premise is that users leave digital notes relative to locations through a web interface (for now; mobile options are in the works) — then other … Continue reading

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Click In, Lock In (Lazyweb)?

Dear Lazy Web,   On the train yesterday, reading The Multiplayer Classroom, I was thinking about pedagogical problems, problems that could be resolved using lower-tech solutions than arming a classroom full of students with individual clickers. I know I’d really … Continue reading

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On Death, Part 1

This will get long, so I’ll put most of the matter below the fold. The story is that the Doctrine Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church keeps its members from idleness by assigning them the annual task of producing a … Continue reading

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Ten-Year Tape Delay

I’m copy-and-pasting the posts from 2002 and 2003 into my WordPress database, as I think I’ve said before. It’s interesting to observe what blogging was like back then, how long some of us have been talking toeach other (and observing … Continue reading

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Calling Your Attention

Yesterday I crossed paths with Radio Mick Danger, a site that streams spoken-word material — mostly old radio programs, especially crime drama, but also some classic radio comedy from Burns & Allen and readings of C.S. Lewis’s theological writings. Share … Continue reading

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On Miracles

The other day, my [old] grad-school classmate Craig Keener wrote a column for the Huffington Post about belief in miracles. I think that we do agree about some things, but it would take some ground-clearing to figure out where our … Continue reading

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f8 And Be There

As I was walking to the Doctrine Committee meeting in Edinburgh this morning, I was startled to see this:     It is not, as it seemed to me to be, a person pushing her head through a window. As … Continue reading

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Who’s the Patron of eBooks? (FOSOTNTT)

Among the heaps of roses and chocolates, the fizz and finery, Tim O’Reilly’s Tools of Change conference yesterday brought to the world’s attention two very intriguing ventures in e-publishing applications. The first is Inkling, specifically oriented toward constructing iPad textbooks. … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of Jaroslav Flegr and Belle and Sebastian

The interwebs were a-buzzing last week when the viral dream team of cats, parasites, and mind control converged in The Atlantic’s story about Czech biologist Jaroslav Flegr and his research into toxoplasmosis. Margaret and I read the column, were duly … Continue reading

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